• Creative solutions and services

    Our Risk Management, Oversight & Compliance Support and Trade Facilitation / Supply Chain Security / Cyber Security teams address the needs of our clients and stakeholders globally, utilising creative risk management solutions and services, thus enabling more efficient and effective operations and activities.
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  • Prominent professionals

    CONCEPTIVITY teams encompass some of the most reputable global professionals within the Risk Management domain.
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  • Experience

    The right approach is required for each challenge. CONCEPTIVITY has been trusted by our clients and stakeholders to provide services and support in key areas.
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Risk Management Services

  • Supply Chain Security
  • Cyber Security
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Customs Support / Border Management / Trade Facilitation
  • Security Coordination
  • Research & Development

Oversight / Compliance Support

  • Investigation
  • Inspection
  • Monitoring / Evaluation
  • Audit
  • Capacity Building